School Calendar JUNE 2019
3 Mon Reopening Day (1-X),Prayer service,Welcome to new comers
4 Tue Environment Day, celebration,Collage making-HS,Staff meeting,1st instalment fee payment starts
5 Wed Holiday, Eid-ul Fiture, Environment day
6 Thu Club formation & meeting, Staff meeting
7 Fri Holy Mass, Silence Day, Display of vision&Mission, in all class rooms
10 Mon KG Re-opening ceremony, Nomination for school parliament
11 Tue Election
12 Wed Co-curricular Day, (PT-I Starts for class IX & X)
14 Fri Giving Stationary Items & Study materials to HIV Patients
15 Sat Club Meeting, working day
17 Mon Club inauguration
19 Wed Reading Day
21 Fri Maxims of St. Chavara in all noticeboard
24 Mon Hand writing Competition, Leaders meeting
26 Wed WedWorld Anti Drugs Day, Cartoon Making, UP & HS
27 Thu School Parliament Meeting
28 Fri Open House of Std IX & X
29 Sat Evaluation day (1st instalment of fees last date with out fine)
JULY 2019
1 Mon Staff meeting
3 Wed St.Thomas Day(Holiday)
4 Thu Ist instalment of fees with fine Rs.25
5 Fri Novena starts Our lady of Carmel, Holy Mass, Seminar for HS Students
6 Sat PTA Executive meeting, working day
9 Tue Comp. Essay writting (UP, HS) Bible Passage Writing-LP
10 Wed Carmel buds meeting, ELPSE-Preliminary, Action song competition for carmel buds
11 Thu World Population Day [Poster Design-HS]
12 Fri Distributing Kit for old people as a part of chrity (class III)
15 Mon Competitions Carmel day-Carmel Melody Staff & Students
16 Tue Feast of Mount Carmel
17 Wed International Justice day [Story writing Malayalam HS]
19 Fri Colour Day for KG Section
20 Sat Club meeting, working day
24 Wed Periodic Examination I (KG-VIII starts)
26 Fri Principal’s Day, Manager’s day
27 Sat PTA General Body & Award Ceremony
28 Sun Feast of Alphonsa
29 Mon Leaders meeting (Monthly Test, class IX & X)
30 Tue Hand Writing Competition
1 Thu Staff meeting
2 Fri Holy Mass
3 Sat Club meeting, working day
6 Tue Hiroshima Day(Chart making HS)
7 Wed World Friendship Day
8 Thu Open House
9 Fri CMC Educational Trust Meeting
12 Mon Sahodaya-Indoor games
14 Wed Independence Day Celebration-(Quiz Competition)
15 Thu Independance Day, Day of the assumption of Virgin Mary
16 Fri Arts Day
17 Sat Arts Day, working day
20 Tue Distributing kit as a part of charity (class : IV)
23 Fri Sreekrishna Jayanthi
26 Mon Handwriting competition-PT 2 (class IX & X)
27 Tue School Parliament Meeting
28 Wed Ayyankali Jayanthi
29 Thu Celebration (St.Euphrasia Day),Music competion -UP, Maxims of St.Euphrasia oral- KG,Maxims of St Euphrasia - Std I to IV,Maxims of St Euphrasia -Speech V to VIII,Poem Composing on St Eup-IX to X
30 Fri Visit to the old age home H.S.
2 Mon Staff Meeting
3 Tue Visit to Asha Bhavan (class : VIII, IX, X)
4 Wed PTA Executive meeting
5 Thu Teacher’s Day, Holy Mass
6 Fri Onam Celebration
7 Sat Onam Holidays begin
9 Mon Muharam
10 Tue Sahodaya Kho-Kho
11 Wed Thiruvonam
13 Fri Sreenarayan Guru Jayanthi
16 Mon School Re-opens, Ozone Day
18 Wed Volley Ball
19 Thu Club meeting
20 Fri KG Day
21 Sat Sreenarayana Guru Samathi, International Day of Peace
23 Mon Leaders Meeting, Handwriting Competition
24 Tue PT.2 (KG VIII)
25 Wed Sahodaya Football
26 Thu School Parliament Meeting
27 Fri World Tourism Day
30 Mon International Translation Day
1 Tue International Day of older persons Honouring the grand parents of students,Staff Meeting
2 Wed Gandhi Jayanthi Holiday, International Day of Non-violence
3 Thu Basic Literacy in Computer for MPTA, Open House
4 Fri Holy Mass Retreat for HS & UP
5 Sat Working Day-World Teachers day, Retreat for HS & UP
7 Mon Maha Navami Holiday
8 Tue Vijaya Dhasami Holiday
9 Wed Co-curricular Day
10 Thu Club Meeting
11 Fri International Day of Girl Child
14 Mon Monthly Test (class IX & X) Distributing kit as a part of charity (class: V)
15 Tue School Parliament Meeting
16 Wed World Food Fest
17 Thu Birthday of St. Euphrasia speech (L.P.) Fancy dress, Song-Competition
22 Tue Exhibition Day
23 Wed Co-Curricular Day
24 Thu United Nations Day
25 Fri Sahodaya Kalotsav
28 Mon Visit the prison
30 Wed Co-curricular Day
31 Thu Hand writing competition Second Instalment of fees, Last Date without Fine.
1 Fri Kerala Piravi celebration, Holy Mass
2 Sat All Souls Day, Class begins at 10 a.m. (Prayer for the livings & the dead)
4 Mon Sahodaya Kabadi, Staff meeting
5 Tue Distributing ‘pothichoru’ to the hungry
6 Wed co-curricular Day
8 Fri Sports Day (School lelvel)
11 Mon Sahodaya Exhibition
12 Tue Distributing kit and clothes as a part of charity (class : VI) for old people
13 Wed Co-curricular Day
14 Thu Childrens Day, kids Day Speech L.P. Club Meeting
15 Fri K.G. Picnic Day, School Parliament meeting
16 Sat Working Day, International Day of Tolerance, Counselling for the slow learners
17 Sun World Students Day
20 Wed Co-Curricular day
21 Thu Christeen Retreat for LP
22 Fri Christeen Retreat for KG
23 Sat St. Chavara & St. Euphrasia Day, Chavara Sooktham Competition
25 Mon PT3 - class IX & X
26 Tue Constitution Day
27 Wed Co-corricular Day
29 Fri Picnic - I - VIII
1 Sun Holiday, World Aids Day (Power point Presentation)
2 Mon National Pollution Control Day (Awareness class)
3 Tue Prayer Service, Staff meeting
4 Wed Co-curricular Activity Day
5 Thu Visit to Asha Bhavan (class : VIII, IX, X)
6 Fri Leaders meeting, Holy Mass
7 Sat Club meeting, Career Guidance class for H.S.
9 Mon PT 3 -KG-VIII
12 Thu Sahodaya Basket ball
13 Fri School Parliament
14 Sat Second Saturday Holiday
18 Wed PTA Executive meeting
19 Thu Paper craft competition
20 Fri Christmas celebration
21 Sat Christmas Holidays begin
30 Mon School Re-opens, Prayer service & Handwriting Competition
1 Wed Co-curricular day, New year day, IIIrd Instalment Fee Payment
2 Thu Holiday, (Mannam Jayanthi)
3 Fri Chavara day, (Quiz Competition), Holy Mass Open House
4 Sat Staff meeting, Working day
6 Mon Kids day (Pre-Model Exam for X & Model Exam for IX)
7 Tue Sahodaya Kids Fest
8 Wed Co-curricular day
10 Fri World Hindi Day
15 Wed Co-curricular day
17 Fri Leaders meeting
18 Sat Working day
20 Mon Distributing kit as a part of charity (class : VII)
22 Wed Co-curricular day
23 Thu School Parliament
24 Fri Annual day
27 Mon Extempore regarding Republic day
29 Wed Co-curricular day
30 Thu Handwriting competitions, IIIrd Instalment of fees last date without fine
31 Fri Club meeting
1 Sat working Day, Remedial Teaching
3 Mon Annual Exam - IX, Staff meeting
4 Tue World Cancer Day (Awareness Class)
7 Fri Holy Mass
10 Mon St.Chavara’s Birth Day
13 Thu Prayer service
14 Fri Literary programme in class
15 Sat Club reports submission, Working day
17 Mon Annual Exam for VIII
19 Wed Adoration Day
24 Mon Leaders meeting(Handwriting Competition)
25 Tue Contribution of poorfund for the homeless person
27 Thu School Parliament Evaluation day
28 Fri World Science Day(Science Quiz)
MARCH 2020
2 Mon Staff meeting
3 Tue St. Joseph’s Novena-IX & X
4 Wed St. Joseph’s Novena-KG
5 Thu Holy Mass, St. Joseph’s Novena-I & VIII
6 Fri World Maths day (Model making)
8 Sun (International Womens day)
9 Mon Poor box collection, World kidney day, Novena-II
11 Wed Annual Exam Starts of KG-VII, Novena-III
12 Thu Novena - IV
13 Fri Novena - V
15 Sun (World consumer Rights day)
16 Mon Novena - VI
17 Tue Novena - VII
18 Wed Novena - Staff
19 Thu St. Joseph’s Feast day
21 Sat World forest day
22 Sun World water day
23 Mon Entrance test for new admission (class 1 to VIII)
24 Tue Seminar on water conservation
26 Thu KG Convocation Day
27 Fri School Parliament